28 athletes were led out by Adam for the Straightest drive on the first hole. With vocal banter Adam proved why he is a 16 handicapper driving straight over the hill, ignoring the rather short piece of yellow plastic!

Hayden (in the new Nike Air golf sandals!) and team mate Craig and Anthony were more serious and almost won this comp. Nick Enzor from Roys Boys eventually stole the show.
The mood was now set and more smash and bash balls were taken out of the free bucket. Power and luck should prevail on the day.

Rob Blackett almost won the hole #2 nearest the pin but Audrey managed a Christmas lunch, late arrival and a sprint down the first fairway to rescue her “gentlemen” and secure the prize. Stuart, Craig and John celebrated appropriately and gloated as Roys Boys all missed the green.

The muscles were unleashed for the first longest drive at hole #3 and Kim Matthews lashed a beast and then got pipped by the G-Man Mark to give All the Presidents Men their first prize. Dennis, Steve and Mike would have been feeling good as they Birdied this hole.

Audrey and her gentlemen were the only team to Eagle this hole and they started to believe they could win the tournament.
Drinks on the #4 helped with hydration and Don Sawyer and the Ratpacks thought they had the tournament won but still had more beers to drink and more holes to play!
Hayden got on the card for the nearest to the pin on hole #6 but Life Member Ken Tushingham eventually took the honours for the Mashie Niblicks.
Fully lubricated, and quite relaxed, all were ready to take on the final longest drive at hole #8. Kane, Elliott, Mike B, Adam, Dennis and Kim all showed early promise, so it was ON! The lead changed 4 times: Hayden, Kim (again), Craig but it was Nick Hipkins who won, driving within 10 metres of the pin!

Approaching the 9th Roys Boys were buoyant and 3 under the card. What could go wrong? Roy was confident of making the fairway and ensure the team complied with the “each man once rule”, but alas it was a wayward drive that appeared. The Boys recovered to hit the green, and hope was still there.
There to greet Roys Boys on the 9th green, were the Ladies and Gentlemen team, who had recorded a solid round. The watched in anticipation as Roy’s Boys all choked their putts and double boggied the #9. This opened the door and their team, and they were duly crowned winners of the 2020 Golf Day.
Congratulations to Audrey, John, Stuart and Craig.

We hope that everyone had a great time, and we are looking forward to the 2021 fixture of this annual event.
Gary Harty has already offered his skills and time to help run the next event. One more volunteer is needed to help this run smoothly, if you are interested please contact Mike Hipkins.
Big thanks to Mike for getting this started, and to everybody for their participation and support!