Thank you for being such a passionate member of the Blue Gum Squash Club community. Your ongoing support, dedication and commitment to our wonderful game is why we exist, and what motivates us to do better.

I’m writing to you today because your support can change everything. 

We need to raise money for an upgrade of our front walls to give us the best facilities for the future. Our walls have deteriorated over the past 10 years, and repairs aren’t working, so we need a full upgrade. We are going to update our front walls to glass, so need to raise $25,000 per court ($200,000 in total) to achieve this.

The club and other stakeholders will be seeking funding grants for up to 75% of the cost, so we need to try and raise the balance, which is around $50,000.

Members, family, friends, acquaintances, and businesses, we need you to help us turn support into actual money – to take Blue Gum Squash Club to the next level.

You can support our campaign to raise funds in any (or all) of the following ways:

  1. Join the club, if you haven’t already. Your $50 membership fee will go directly to this project.
  2. Make a non-deductible donation via bank transfer – 100% to the club – 016-499, 4382-78509
  3. Make a non-deductible donation via credit card – 1.6% fee 98.4% to the club  –  CLICK HERE
  4. Make a tax deductible donation via Australian Sports Foundation – 5% fee, 95% to the club – ASF Donation page
  5. Purchase a ‘tin’ – you can purchase a ‘tin’ and advertise your business, $1500 for 1 year. (NB – signage needs to be light coloured) – 50% to the club, see Mike Corren for further information.

We are seeking donations by the 31st July 2023 to give us the best chance to have this work completed this year, so if you are able to donate, please do it now. Every donation is appreciated, and a step closer to achieving our goal.

Yours sincerely

Steven Jones – President, Blue Gum Squash Club

P.S. Your support today will help us get the facilities we need for the future. Please help us by making a donation of $50-$100 or a donation of your choice ASAP. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.