The Winter Pennant season wrapped up this week for the Monday Night Ladies League. Blue Gum had four players this season – Aliah Al-Shabib, Belinda Stokes, Josie Jones (Div 1) and Paige Jones (Div 2).

The final results are as follows:

Div 1 – Winners – Black Pink – Pru, Sue and Cassie

Div 1 – Runners up – Dixie Chicks – Katy, Terry and Nicki (reserve)

Div 2 – Winners – Supremes – Di, Lyn, Margaret and Lauren

Div 2 – Runners up – Andrews Sisters – Paige, Anne, Katie and Katie

The next season commences on the 12th September so if there are any ladies out there who would like to join in please contact the committee and we can help you out!